ski mountaineering

My ski mountaineering kit gets the most use throughout the season.  It is what I use in Chile and Iceland.  All of the gear seen below is what I consider the best combination of light and strong.  There are fewer snow science tools and more technical tools for harder snow and ice.  

DPS Cassiar 95 Skis with Dynafit Superlight 2.0 Bindings and Ski Crampons

Pomoca Climb Pro Skins

Dynafit TLT6 Boots

DPS Norie Poles with Duct Tape and Ski Straps

Ortovox Haute Route 32 Pack

Camp Corsa Nanotech Piolet

Camp XLC Nanotech Automatic Crampons

Half Ropes – 8mm x 20m, 30m, 40m and 50m

Camp Blitz Harness with Standard Glacier Kit

Dynafit Chugach Pants

Black Diamond Helio Alpine Shell

Dynafit Radical Jacket

Dynafit Beast Jacket

BCA B-1 EXT Shovel

Black Diamond 240cm Carbon Probe

Brooks Range Eskimo Rescue Sled

First Aid Kit

Basic Snow Study Tools

Small, Simple "Oh-Shit" Kit

Hestra Gloves

Skratch Labs Beanie

Zeal Slate Goggles