Powder Skiing Gear

I carry a full kit in the middle of winter.  I won't lie, it's on the heavy side.  Often tricky avalanche problems, cold weather and short days create a challenging environment.  But after years of trial and error, I am really happy with the kit I carry on a daily basis in the middle of winter.  

If you ski with me in Colorado or Canada, this is what I will have with me – and it is what I will recommend for you.  

DPS Wailer 112 – Tour1 with Dynafit Speed Radical Bindings

Pomoca Climb Pro Glide Skins

Dynafit Ski Crampons

Black Diamond Carbon Poles with Ski Straps and Duct Tape

Dynafit Vulcan Boots

Osprey Kode 42 Pack

BCA D-2 EXT Hoe Shovel

BD QuickDraw 320-cm Carbon Probe

Brooks Range Scientist Snow Saw

Black Diamond Mission Pants

Black Diamond Recon Jacket

Arc'teryx Rethel Jacket

Dynafit Vulcan Jacket

Awesome CBAC Beanie

Zeal Eclispse Goggles with Automatic Lenses

Truck M2 Gloves

Football-sized First Aid Kit

Repair Kit

Brooks Range All-in-One Rescue Sled / Tarp Combo

20-meters of 4mm Cord

Rutschblock Cord


BD Spot Headlamp

Spare Batteries

Scraper and Skin Wax

Glide Wax

Sunscreen, Dermatone and Hand Sanitizer

Simple Snow Science Kit