essential Gear

I use different gear for different purposes, but some stuff is constant, no matter where or when I am skiing.  This is the stuff that is on every trip.  

If you use this list in combination with either the Ski Mountaineering Gear List or the Powder Skiing Gear List, you should be pretty happy on your trip.  After years of experimenting, I have settled on a system where I put the things from this list, plus any casual / town clothes I may need in one, rolling duffel and then the venue specific gear goes into a rolling ski bag.  


Pair of Waterproof Shoes or Boots for Before and After Skiing

Pair of Pants for the Hut or Down Day Hikes


Extra Touring Gloves

Variety of Hats

Neck Gaiters

Extra Goggles and Sunglasses

Base Layers

Bag of Socks - Yes, a whole bag – one for every day of skiing

Extra Batteries



Sat Comm Device (This is optional if you're skiing with me.)

Mobile Device – I guide with an iPad Mini because: the maps are easier to read, the battery life is good, it interfaces nicely with the sat comm device and I can put any SIM card in it.  I use a Lifeproof case and have never had any issues with this system.