British Columbia



Skiing in Canada is pretty simple - get up, ski pow until your legs are about to fall off or there's no light left, drink a beer with friends, sauna, eat dinner, drink some whiskey around a fire, go to sleep, repeat.  The storms roll through consistently and the tree skiing is the best in the world, so there are no down days.  We ski everyday.  The only question is whether you want to be based in a backcountry hut or a town like Golden, Revelstoke or Nelson.  The huts get reserved far in advance, so you really need to be thinking two years in advance for these trips. If you want to ski in Canada in late January / early February 2019, send me a note and we can see what we can put together.  

2019 Available Dates

January 26 - February 10



Trips to Canada are all custom tailored to private groups.  First, put together a team up to twelve people.  Then contact me and we can discuss a more specific itinerary and which locations to use as bases in order to best fit the needs of your group.  Trips to a hut are usually eight-days - Saturday to Saturday, for example.    

A typical week-long ski trip in British Columbia costs between US$2200 and US$2500 per person depending on destination.  This includes everything except alcohol. It's a fantastic value.

Required Skills / Fitness

Canada is a powder skier's paradise.  It's essential that you enjoy skiing deep powder and like skiing in the trees.  The terrain can be steep.  We'll want to ski a lot, so being able to tour for six+ hours per day is important.  Kick turns and mountaineering are not the norm.  There is glaciated terrain, so if you're not familiar with crevasse rescue procedures, we'll introduce them before traveling on glaciers.

Recommended Gear

Skis between 110mm and 130mm underfoot; tech-style bindings, and boots that are already broken in are perfect.  A 35-ish liter backpack, beacon, shovel and probe are required.  Waterproof pants and jacket, good base layers and a couple, high-quality insulated jackets are a must.  

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Once you commit to the trip, I will send a detailed PDF that describes most of the aspects of the trip in detail.  And, of course, I will be available to answer any and all of your questions.  


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