sharing the human-powered ski experience

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Independent Descents is my creative outlet, focused on sharing all aspects of human-powered skiing.  It is an extension of what I do outside.  The website is meant to be much more than a personal blog of a professional athlete.  I don’t want this site to be about my accomplishments – it is centered on your potential.  Even though I have been fortunate enough to accomplish some great things as an athlete, I am focused on inspiring others and helping others gain the skills and experience for adventures of their own.  This website is intended to serve as an invitation and resource for those whom want to explore the mountains under their own power.  I hope you find it beautiful, educational and insightful.

Navigating the site should be simple and straightforward.  The blog is a way of sharing information through the medium that is a constant in our lives now.  It is more than the whimsical musing of an adventure athlete; its purpose is to encourage exploration and thought, as well as to challenge and inspire.  The event calendar is online to help us connect in person, whether at a presentation, an on-snow clinic, or a day of skiing together in an amazing mountain range somewhere.  Thank you for spending some time with me.  I hope it’s enjoyable.